Volunteerism & Giving

Your donations help fund lots of great youth and teen programs. YMCA youth and teen programs get kids involved, giving them a sense of belonging that becomes increasingly important as they grow. Volunteering provides kids with opportunities to give back to those in need. Trained counselors provide guidance as children participate in value-driven activities, learning skills that last a lifetime. It’s easy to see the impact youth and teen programs have on our kids. Your contribution helps make it happen.


The YMCA Annual Campaign is a great way to help support our youth and teens. Your contribution helps raise financial support for those children that deserve a chance to participate in a YMCA program or activity, but are unable to afford the full cost. 

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The Henry County YMCA is committed to strengthening the spirit, mind, and body of kids and families within our community. One of the most influential means of realizing this commitment is made possible by members of the YMCA Heritage Club. 

The Heritage Club is the YMCA's society of individuals who have made a direct gift to one of the YMCA Endowment Funds, at a certain level, or made provisions in their estate plans for the YMCA. Through the Heritage Club, the YMCA salutes those who leave a life-long legacy, one that will continue to enrich the lives of kids, families, and older adults for the next 150 years.

Heritage Club members believe in the mission of the YMCA and want to help ensure that YMCA programs and services will be available tomorrow, and for future generations.

The Henry County YMCA has been around for over 100 years and plans to continue providing opportunities for youth and families; therefore, the need for planned giving and endowment support of the YMCA has never been greater. A designated planned gift will stabilize and diversify financial resources and help fund the future.  It provides much needed revenue to enhance programs, grant scholarships and maintain facilities, allowing the YMCA to continue its mission for future generations. Bottom line, a strong planned giving/endowment plan provides preservation of capital and long-term growth...A Legacy for Life.

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At no time in history have the needs for the programs and services provided by the Henry County YMCA been greater.  Our new facility was built in 2003 with generous donations from the community, businesses, and individuals. Currently the Y has a $1.1 million dollar debt to finish payment on the new facility and with your help, we can continue to strive towards making it happen. To make a difference in 2013, please donate to the YMCA Building Fund / Capital Campaign.

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