Scholarship Program


The Henry County YMCA is committed to serving the entire community. Through our scholarship program, qualified individuals and their families are granted financial assistance to enable participation and membership. It is the intent of the YMCA that no families or youth are denied membership or participation due to lack of financial resources.  

Funding for scholarships comes from grant sources and from fellow members and the people in the community who donate to the YMCA's Annual Campaign. Last year over $75,500 was awarded in scholarships.


Applicants must work or reside in the service area of the Henry County YMCA. Assistance is granted on the basis of financial need within the available resources of the Y.

The YMCA believes a sense of ownership and pride is developed if the scholarship recipient has contributed to the cost of YMCA involvement. Therefore, applicants may be asked to pay a portion of the fees. The YMCA grants scholarships to the extent that funds are available. The YMCA reserves the right to refuse assistance to any applicant.

Scholarships can be granted for one session of a program such as swim lessons, or for up to six month's membership with optional renewals.


The Henry County YMCA requires that individuals provide information regarding income, family size, and necessary expenses so that it can award scholarships in a fair and consistent manner. All records are kept confidential. A paper application is available by clicking the .pdf link below or you may apply online by filling out the electronic version below.