Preschool Guidelines


We have two procedures for arrival and dismissal of your child to and from preschool. Upon arriving, you will need to sign your child in upon entering the classroom. You will also need to sign your child out when picking your child up from preschool. A student identification card, provided by the Y, will be required as you leave the classroom. We believe this will assure us that your child is leaving with the correct person.

In the case of personal situations such as divorce or custody issues, the preschool teachers will require a legal document be kept on file listing the persons that are authorized and not authorized to pick up your child.

There will be four student identification cards issued to each family. It is your responsibility to make sure that the person picking up your child has a card. We understand that there could be times when this is not possible. Please call us if this would happen to occur.

The classroom will be open approximately five minutes prior to class time. Please wait in the hallway until the preschool doors have been opened by the staff. 


If the New Castle Community Schools are on a two hour delay, we will also be on a two hour delay. This means that the morning students will attend preschool from 10AM-12 PM and the afternoon students will attend from 1:15-3:15PM. Classes will be kept together and the same amount of learning time will be provided for both class sessions. Please promptly pick your child up as we only have 15 minutes between morning and afternoon classes.


ILLNESS: Please do not send your child to school sick! Your child must be fever-free for 24 hours without Tylenol and no vomiting or diarrhea for at least 24 hours. Please call your child's absence in to the Front Desk. They will send you to our voicemail or notify us.

HEAD LICE: Although head lice does not pose a direct health threat here at the the Y Preschool, we have a no-nit policy. The most important thing to know is that anyone can get head lice. It is absolutely essential that you inform the school and playmates. Before your child will be allowed to return to preschool, he or she will need to be treated and checked by one of our teachers.

WEATHER: We will follow the New Castle Community School System in cancelling classes due to fog, snow or ice. If New Castle schools have a two hour delay, there will be a delayed schedule (see more information below). Listen to VIMDI-1 (102.5 FM) for school closings and delays as well as local news channels. We will not make-up missed days due to weather.


Each day, a small snack and drink will be served to the students. Your child will be responsible for bringing in a snack and drink periodically. Being the snack person is a very special time for your child. When your child has a birthday, we will try to place his or her snack time as close as possible to that day.

The snack list is provided at the beginning of each month and also posted outside of the classroom. Please try to pay close attention to the list each month. We will furnish cups and napkins, we ask that you provide any other item that is needed for your child's snack day.

We encourage healthy eating at the Y Preschool! Below is a short list of some great snack and drink ideas as well as a couple of guidelines we like to follow

  • Snacks: Fruits, cheese, crackers, etc
  • Drinks: Gallon juice, juice boxes, punch, Kool-Aide, chocolate milk or white milk
  • We ask that you not provide red punch for drinks, it's dyes tend to stain surfaces and materials when it's spills.
  • If you are providing a snack for your child's birthday, please send mini-cupcakes or a birthday cake. The children tend to waste more of the large cupcakes than they eat.
  • Please send two extra snacks in case of accidents and/or spills.


Discipline procedures are as follows:

  1. Minor discipline problems will be handled by the Y Preschool staff. Documentation will be recorded by the Y Preschool and put into the student's file.
  2. Parents will be notified, including written notification, if the problem continues to occur. If problems continue to occur, we contact you for assistance.
  3. Children will not be permitted to return to the Y Preschool program if the problem is not solved or corrected in a reasonable amount of time.


It is important for the safety of your child to notify the preschool staff to any allergies, medications, etc. The emergency information for each child must be provided on the registration form. This information will alert the staff to any medical problems, fears, allergies or emotional upsets. If your child is takes any medication, please note this in the student registration form.


Please notify us if there are any changes in your home telephone number, cell phone number or address during the school year. If there is an emergency we need to be able to contact you immediately!