Personal Training




The Henry County YMCA has a qualified staff of CPR/AED Certified Personal Trainers that are here to help you meet and exceed your fitness goals. Each program will show you how to properly perform all exercises safely and effectively so you will get the maximum benefit of each program.


Designed for the novice exerciser, this 12 week structured exercise program includes your own wellness instructor. You and your instructor will set personal goals and design strategies to achieve those goals. Exercise is added in small increments to enhance success.


The YMCA Personal Training Program is a great way to customize a workout program in order to reach a higher level of fitness. Whether you're looking to rev up a stale exercise routine, break out of your fitness plateau or stay motivated and committed to your workout program, our certified trainers will design a program that is individualized and keeps you interested and motivated about reaching your goals. Small group personal training now available!

Individual Member Rates
$90 for 3 sessions
$175 for 6 sessions
$300 for 12 sessions

Individual Program Participant Rates
$105 for 3 sessions
$195 for 6 sessions
$325 for 12 sessions

Small Group Member Rates
$75 for 3 sessions
$120 for 6 sessions
$200 for 12 sessions

Small Group Program Participant Rates
$90 for 3 sessions
$150 for 6 sessions
$240 for 12 sessions


All teen members who would like to utilize the Wellness Center must first complete the teen weight training course. During this 1 hour course, teens learn the proper use of both cardiovascular and strength training equipment. Teens must wear a teen weight lifter badge and be accompanied by a parent/guardian during all workouts in the Wellness Center.

Dates:By appointment
Times:By appointment only-schedule at our front desk
Fee:$10 (10 person limit per class)


  • Our Wellness Center staff are eager to assist you. They have the information and knowledge to help you have a safe, effective, and fun workout. Please don't be shy if you need help or have questions.
  • Wear proper athletic shoes and clothing. Open-toed shoes are not allowed in the Wellness Center.
  • Ask for assistance if you are unsure how to use Wellness Center equipment.
  • Avoid banging or dropping the weight equipment.
  • Always use a spotter when attempting to lift maximum weight.
  • Please re-rack weights and return all other accessories to their proper locations.
  • Spray and wipe down the equipment after each use. Spray bottles and paper towels are placed on each wall of the Wellness Center.
  • When doing multiple sets, please let others "work in". That means that someone else does a set while you are at rest. Alternating sets this way allows everyone to complete his or her workout faster.