The Heritage Club

The YMCA Heritage Club embraces four primary objectives:

  • To recognize donors who have developed an estate plan or other deferred gift arrangement that will benefit the Henry County YMCA.
  • To increase awareness of the personal benefits of charitable gift planning.
  • To encourage YMCA friends and members to consider a planned gift to the YMCA.
  • To build a strong endowment that will stabilize financial resources and help fund the future….A Legacy for Life. 

Composed of individuals from all backgrounds, communities and walks of life who have made an outright or planned gift to the YMCA's endowment fund in one of the following ways:

  • An outright gift of cash - In this way, each member not only benefits from the good that will be done but current income tax savings
  • A gift of appreciated assets - If you chose to contribute such items as stock or property owned for longer than one year, you would receive a charitable deduction equal to the current value of the assets wile avoiding capital gains taxes.
  • A life insurance gift - Naming the YMCA as a primary or even secondary beneficiary of your insurance policy paves the way for a large future gift. Should you wish to contribute a life insurance policy that is no longer needed to protect current beneficiaries, you could realize substantial income tax deductions.
  • A gift through your will - You may wish to consider including the YMCA in your will or living trust. In this way, a fixed amount specific asset or percentage of your estate may be set aside as bequests and qualify for estate deductions.
  • A gift made though a charitable trust or annuity - Creating a charitable trust or annuity provides life income for yourself and/or others. With all or a portion of you gift eventually directed to the YMCA you could receive a charitable deduction
  • Please contact the YMCA to set up your monthly Annual Campaign Donation.